Burst mode happens at times - lots of coffee and smiles is the best solution...

Burst mode happens at times – lots of coffee and smiles is the best solution…

Today has been a day of pure craziness for me. I write a blog every day and I am sitting down now at 10:32PM to write this what I hope will be an awesome mastermind piece of humanity (I wish LOL).

If I think of many of the awesome business owners I know (right from start-ups to people with many zeros on the end of their earnings), there is the reality of ‘Burst’ mode many times.

This is basically where you may have little happening and then all of a sudden, everything happens at once! This has been certainly that today for me with everything being approved and seemingly happening at once.

I would be working on an urgent job, with another urgent job coming in and it was a funny day which reminded me of one of my earlier roles as an employee (where I would chase my tail all day). Usually for me it’s not like this, however at times it just does happen and it’s a great sign of success.

This experience got me thinking back to other ‘not so awesome’ people I have met in my working & business history. What comes to mind is an old client who was really nice and I liked – however, they just didn’t like working.

Regardless of what I would suggest they wouldn’t do it that well and would always be looking for the ‘easy way out’. It didn’t end up well for them, they moved on from my advice and hired someone who sold them ‘easy street’ – only to lose out big time.

It was a tragic example and talking to the positive – the people I know who are rocking it are forever pumping out great work and keeping up with the reality of ‘burst’ mode where you just have lots to do and get it done.

For me keeping up in burst mode has just rocked and equally I rest when I can.

My advice? Realize there will be some very busy moments – and keep up! Pure and simple.

The better you do it, the happier you shall be and the more productive you shall become.

Love your work, thanks for the read – and stay awesome!



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