The Sydney Heat is fun, but it can also be hard to keep your brain working in those conditions...

The Sydney Heat is fun, but it can also be hard to keep your brain working in those conditions…

Sydney is a fantastic city! I totally love it and as I write this blog article I am testing my own endurance. It’s 34 degrees heat and I love the warmth of Sydney.

I have lived in many places across the world. From the coolness of Hobart, to the warmth of Mid-Western America – I have been to many places until I found the city for me and settled there for good (I was from Melbourne originally and that place is totally freezing!)

Part of my motive for writing this blog on the train was to not only show off my love of mobile computing, but also test how I work under extreme heat. It’s super hot on this train right now, I am thirsty and could use some fresh air and air conditioning!

It’s actually really hard writing this. I feel hot, impaired, quite tired – compared to sitting at my cushy desk in my beautiful home office (with the Air Conditioner on Full). It’s inspired me to think carefully about life in Sydney in how to enjoy the great weather, but also how to stay productive and thoughtful.

For me during the hot season of Sydney, it requires the following to stay sane & productive:

– Minimize wearing clothing as much as possible!

– Trying to Stay in the Office without damaging sales.

– Going to the Gym / Walking after hours when it cools down.

– Drinking lots and lots of water.

– Enjoying the heat and doing fun stuff.

For me, it is so damn super hot but I completely love it. Sure, my jeans are a bit hot and bothered right now – but I can tell you now, this beats freezing your butt off in Melbourne.

My advice and thinking? Enjoy your summer in Sydney (or wherever you are from if it’s warm), but make sure you stay hydrated and productive. No point in making life harder than it needs to be.

Love your work, thanks for the read – and stay awesome (as well as cool LOL).



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