Turning your losses into a WIN

trump-is-winningAs you may or may not know; I am a closeted Trump supporter. I haven’t always been a fan of Trump, but some years back I picked up one of his booked titled “How to Get Rich” (way before the Apprentice and that were out) and I started getting into his logic.

I never actually agreed with everything he said, but he provoked me and challenged me to take a long hard look in the mirror and improve myself.

Winding the clock forward to today; even left leaning publications are getting their readers ‘ready’ for Trump to get in.

When I heard he was going into the election, I knew he would win. I have said that from day one in terms of what I know about him. So I have been rooting for him all along.

BUT there have been times where I thought, you are losing man!

When the ‘grab them by the kitty cat’ tapes came out, I thought for a moment there he was totally stuffed. His polls did take a massive, very short term hit.

What I loved about Trump, was the fact that he is a true winner. Not because he was actually ‘winning’ (he was losing at that time), but he didn’t accept the fact he was losing and did what he could to now successfully turn things around. He changed his gameplay he hit back Hillary harder, dug up all the darker dirt on Bill, won the second two debates (I think he did a very average job in the first one) and more so; just kept going.

After the third debate combined with Wikileaks, Hillary is definitely on the defence now and when you think of how much hot water Trump was it a few weeks ago – look at what he has achieved.

To me this is how we can get in our business, marketing and life at times. We can lose a big client (several at once in fact), our marketing can stop working if the market changes or something out of your control can hit you pretty hard. The ‘Winning’ mindset I think Trump demonstrated here was him going extra hard when he started losing. Many people could have crumbled under that pressure, but not him. He just kept going, winning and smiling.

My advice friends? You will get into plenty of losing situations. I know I have! The challenge for all of us is to keep going super hard with strength, style and looking the spectre of fear in the face.

I find as well that the more we overcome our fears and turnaround losing situations; it gets easier and easier for next time. Stay awesome, love your work and thank you for the read!

P.S. Thank you infowars.com for the great content. You rock.