Setting yourself up for success

Do whatever it takes to set yourself up for massive success!

Do whatever it takes to set yourself up for massive success! Mine is a tasty breakfast through to clear instructions to others!

It was some time ago actually when I lost it at a group of people in a charity people we are working on. They are amazing people who I have a high level of respect of; however they had little idea of what it involves to build websites, get content and the like.

Regardless of what I would say, everyone would send me their own (often countering views) of what it should be resulting in literally dozens of email and everyone is frustrated.

Eventually they pushed me too far; and I went into “NO” mode in what I was doing. I actually got quite angry (as this has been building for a long time) in that they didn’t respect what I had to say or suggested and they were setting me up to fail.

That is, I’d ask for “X”, they wouldn’t give it to me, I’d do my best and create “Y” and then they all jump on me for getting it wrong and the like. When I pushed back (this time they complied) I accused them of setting me up to fail.

Interestingly when the listened to me, they got what they want in about 10 days. Ahhh, if they just listened to me in the opening, they would have had it even earlier!

Basically the morale of the story here is that in what we do, how we manage people and the like; we must be set up to succeed. We must have the help, time, the infrastructure, the support – basically whatever we need to nail something and win. I see this all the time in how people treat others or even themselves.

For me lately; it’s been getting my work done in advance, leaving time open for stuff to come up (which happens everyday) and eating properly and being healthy so I am physically and mentally in the zone to succeed. When we do this well, it creates amazing things that is good for everyone. At times we can work as hard as we want; but it’s often the work we do the ‘day before’ that enables us to win today.

My advice and thinking? Build the foundation, the infrastructure, the thinking so when stuff goes down you can win. This thinking has paid dividends for me and is certainly highly recommended. I do it all the time now and life is very sweet and my marketing is even more productive. Do it for yourself and smile.

Thanks for the read, love your work and set yourself up to win friends. You shall love it!