Wins & losses

Even playing the awesome Fallout Video Games educated me in 'wins and losses' thinking. Big time!

Even playing the awesome Fallout Video Games educated me in ‘wins and losses’ thinking. Big time!

Some years going back, I was quite interested in Currency Trading. I had some friends that got really good at in (and went onto achieve some massive things) and it never quite suited me.

I tried quite a few things before my business today including property, currency trading and even considered becoming a life coach (seriously – imagine me as a life coach? lol).

As I worked through these areas and currency trading in particular; it was very useful for helping me undo the years of ’employee’ corporate thinking I have. Basically, I was absolutely terrified of making mistakes and it’s very hard / impossible to be an entrepreneur with that type of thinking.

Last week, I was very lucky to be invited to speak and workshop with a good 20+ group of business owners and managers from Hills (Sydney’s Northwest).

The first thing I opened up on was basically the mindset of a marketer / entrepreneur is getting used to ‘wins / losses’ type of thinking. It basically works like this:

– You are not going to win all the time (in fact, sometimes you may lose most of the time).

– Make sure your wins are bigger than your losses.

– Don’t let your losses get to you, get back up and go after your next win.

This happens to me all the time in terms of missing out on clients, not having all my Facebook posts working, some of my marketing not working out and just making general mistakes regardless of how hard I try. Even though I run awesome workshops today (proven by the 5 star reviews I get), I have had my “corkers” – that sometimes haunt me to this day.

What can happen to anyone is that we can get bummed out at times and feel down. The reason for this is quite simply that deep down we don’t want to lose. Nobody does at all.

But the problem of this thinking is that in order to win (and win big) we have to lose. I picked up last week a large Government Client and that is because I have lost a lot to get it. In fact, it took me a year to pick them up.

My advice and thinking friends? Know you are going to lose! Expect it. BUT keep pushing for wins and massive wins. Some of my massive wins negate 10 x of my losses and makes it all worth it.

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome friends!

P.S. Thank you Fallout and Vault Boy – your education in this area knows no bounds!