First impressions of my Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Microsoft! Love your work.

Microsoft! Love your work.

It’s 9:35PM and I have technology all over my desk and a beautiful Microsoft Surface Pro 4 looking at me.

A very long story cut short; I have had my Surface Pro 3 and have loved it. After years of heavy use, being dropped and extreme demands placed on it – the touch screen has partially died. I knew it was time to make the upgrade.

I made the decision to finally purchase the Surface Pro 4 at 6:30PM on a Sydney train and ran myself to the Microsoft Flagship store and just got in about 6:55PM (with a closing time of 7:00PM).

It’s definitely a powerful and beautiful device and here are the first key things I have noticed about it:

– It’s large for a tablet.

– Beautiful glass ‘tapered’ type of screen.

– It’s really bright (if you push it that far).

– The pen feels so smooth on the surface.

– It ‘feels’ notably lighter than almost anything out there.

– The keyboard is that much bit better.

– It’s really fast!

I haven’t tried the audio yet or anything like that, but I tell you what – the Surface Pro 4 is a powerful device and it’s something you can put on a desk in front of a client and be super proud of.

My advice and thinking? The Surface Pro 4 is one beautiful device and bravo Microsoft.

If you want to get powerful work done, must have the best tools on the market.

This is so it! Anyway, I must get back to my new productive toy. Stay awesome friends!