Saving working dog’s one post at a time

Di and Carey from Australian Working Dog Rescue taught me many things about virtues and FB!

Di and Carey from Australian Working Dog Rescue taught me many things about virtues and FB!

It was only yesterday afternoon that I was with a high powered IT client in North Sydney. We spoke about content maps, site architecture, target markets, product launches and got our strategy right.

Then this morning, I was about in the Hawkesbury Region (50km North West of Sydney) visiting the charitable and very awesome Di & Carey Edward’s from Australian Working Dog Rescue.

It was quite a story before I met them and I was immediately impressed by their Facebook Page which is approaching 500,000 likes. To give some perspective; I have worked hard for get to 6200 likes and they have totally nailed the ‘cuteness’ + ‘ethical factor’.

When I visited today, they were on a nice country block with sheep, goats and dogs they are looking after themselves and finding homes for. They are right into the animal welfare and they basically find working dog’s that are tragically about to be ‘retired’.

People surrender working dogs to them and both Di & Carey visit pounds to pick up animals and save them from being ‘retired’.

There is a very tragic side of what happens to working dogs that have nowhere to go and what inspired me about this charity / cause is how they have saved thousands of dogs and put them into kind homes.

I did what I could to introduce them to NSW Business Chamber and some corporate sponsors and talking marketing:

>> You must visit their Facebook Page here!

They are absolute pro’s when it comes to cuteness, the cause and getting people into their message. Even though I am a cat person, they have one my heart and although my business is totally different – I am busy pondering how I can learn from them to make my own Facebook even better.

My advice and thinking? Check out what they do closely. Like me, what they do may be totally different but there is always something to learn. Also if you like what you see on their page, please like and share! The foundation of an effective charity is a great cause with high levels of awareness. Thank you Di & Carey – you rocks and of course I have to say this “Who let the dog’s out?”

Stay awesome, thanks for the read and here is to Working Dog’s and Facebook!