The quality location attracts quality people

The best of the best! Thank you Servcorp North Sydney!

It’s been a fast, action packed and hard run for me since 5AM today. We had our North Sydney ‘Profitable Marketing Forum’ and this went incredibly well as we continue building on what we know.

It was hosted by Hayley Mackintosh and the team from Servcorp North Sydney and this event was one of the best we have ever done. People were engaged, happy, it’s 4:36PM already and have been contacted by five attendees already.

The response indicates that it was a hit!

There are a lot of reasons for why it went so well and one of the core reasons is “Location, Location, Location”. Servcorp North Sydney is a beautiful office space with easily one of the best views from North Sydney going out over the harbour bridge and Sydney CBD (looking from North to South).

We have noted that when you get better locations, you get a higher brow and very awesome audience in attendance. When you are in top locations, you get wonderful audiences and it makes perfect sense.

People who are doing the best expect the best! I certainly do these days. I love to be working away from exotic and beautiful locations in that it feels good, helps you be as productive as can be, stimulates creative thinking and is just ‘fun’ being in top quality places.

I get asked all the time about event locations and I always say to people make sure you are in an aspirational type of environment that makes everyone feel good. As you do that you get better turnouts, better feedback and of course you build your following for next time.

Servcorp North Sydney is certainly a beautiful place and if you are in this part of town, I strongly encourage you to check it out.

My advice and thinking? When it comes to running quality events, make sure you are in a quality location. That way with ‘quality’ content, expect to attractive ‘quality’ people. After all, we are attracted to what we are or what we’d like to be! Human nature.

Love your work, thank you everyone for a great event and stay awesome!