Melinda Hird rocks. She is one of those people who you know you can trust!

Melinda Hird rocks. She is one of those people who you know you can trust!

When I worked for the Government a long time ago I was trained in many different areas. From getting physically fit, to learning about serial killers, using Assault Rifles, my old trusty Beretta and even learning good old soft skills; it was a total blast.

In the times I was out on the streets of Melbourne getting information one part of my training that always served me well was ‘trust your instinct’.

I don’t this in a ‘hippie’ sense or anything like that. They mean it seriously from the point of view that we are ‘animals’ with thousands of years of evolution and we can ‘sense’ danger.

If something doesn’t ‘feel’ right, chances are it’s not right. This kept me alive and safe many times.

Now talking to the positive as a Marketing Mentor on the streets of Sydney (which is maybe just as dangerous lol) I have found lots of my younger Federal Agent skills coming to the surface.

Every time I have trusted my instinct things have swung my way. If it feels right, it usually is right. Where I have found this to be true is with the people I choose to work with.

Be it clients, suppliers, referral partners or the like – when I meet someone and have that ‘warm fuzzy feeling’ the relationship always has gone the right way. From awesome friends like Martha Arifin, Mark Kyte, Matt Craig, Phillip Raish and co – I have always had great relations and working with them.

When I first met them and until now, I always thought they were awesome and years on (like a fine wine) our relationships are stronger than ever.

Interestingly on this one as well, a few months ago I was blessed to meet the awesome Melinda Hird. She is kind, happy, polite, quiet and totally underrated. I have seen some of her work and it’s very impressive (I have a feeling I will be using her one of these days for myself).

My first impression of her was all positive. I felt good, I trusted her and thought she was nice.

Moving on to several months later, my instinct served me well in that I know her better, think she is more awesome and enjoy hanging out with her at Chamber functions and the like.

Basically, my positive instinct served me well. It caused me to avoid others and gravitate to her and it’s on the mark. It ‘detected’ she is awesome and worthy of being trusted – with my findings supporting that.

My advice and thinking friends? Meet lots of people and check in with your ‘feelings’. If something doesn’t feel right, slow down and be cautious. If something feels right, follow that! Doesn’t mean you have to jump in, but chances are you are onto a good thing.

I have been lucky to meet so many awesome people including Melinda Hird! She rocks, my instinct likes her and everyone agrees with me.

So maybe I should hire her sooner for some photos lol? Maybe let me lose some more kilos first.

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome!



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