Better keep your voice down if you see this guy sitting next to you lol

Better keep your voice down if you see this guy sitting next to you lol

If you know a bit about my history, I have a bit of an awesomely crazy past and have lived many lives.

When I came of age, I found myself in the Australian Military and it wasn’t long before I had the opportunity of working ‘for the Feds’.

It was great actually, I was a 20 year old helping clean up the streets of Melbourne and I was living this whole Pierce Brosnan fantasy at the time (he was James Bond then).

In my young influential years, I developed the survival and street skills of a Field Agent and loved it. Right from pistols, to speechcraft to following people I practised a bit.

One of my favourite skills is eavesdropping. I was sitting next to a business group at the Novotel and they were speaking so loud, it was hard not to eavesdrop. They had a great chat dealing with core issues which I loved.

In hiding their identity of course, here are some of the key lessons I learned from them – awesome and have to share them with you:

– If you don’t know how, put up your hand and ask!

– If you have a bad sales month don’t panic, put in strategies to turn them around.

– Know what is happening in your business. Everything!

I quite loved it actually and it’s got me reflecting on what I do in my business. In all honesty, I have sucked a bit about saying ‘I don’t know’ which is probably a Middle Eastern Persian Pride thing which I admit and I want to knock.

Also too, I can relate to the poor sales month. I had a weak January this year (which really annoyed me), but I worked my butt off and February 2016 onwards rocked.

The final one, we must know what is happening beneath us. At times I have let unpaid invoices from clients gather dust and go into months, creating issues for everyone when I chase them late.

Basically it was a productive coffee.

My advice friends? Always keep an ear out, especially if you see high powered people working away. I have learned lots from ‘accidental eavesdropping and love it’.

Also too, if you are in a public space keep your voice down. Especially if you see a very handsome Persian Guy on his Surface 3 Pro working away on a table next to you.

Thank you awesome loud people for the tips!



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