Sonia Kruger has broken some conversational ground and put herself in harms way. Bravo to her! (Image Credit - Channel 9)

Sonia Kruger has broken some conversational ground and put herself in harms way. Bravo to her! (Image Credit – Channel 9)

As a Marketer and tech blogger I am totally addicted to the internet. There are many times I will be up late on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube staying connected with what is going on the world in real time.

I have been heavily like this for at least the last two years and in the past 3 – 6 months, everything has changed.

Terrorist attacks in their frequency, impact and style have gone through the roof. As we have always known, the leftist governments of the world and their supportive media have done their best to quell the population and do what they can do deny the Islam / Terrorism connection.

This has all changed in the past few months in terms of the world’s population not buying that story anymore. People are panicked, concerned and you can tell the gig is up with the media and people are speaking their mind.

In Australia many people talk about it and some of the right commentators have been on it. However, you saw a ‘landmark’ move with TV Host and Personality Sonia Kruger coming out with very strong moves on banning Muslim Immigrants in Australia.

Many have agreed with her (just a look on Facebook Comments can show that) and my view is that this is a setup. This has all been orchestrated with the media (as she isn’t fired).

For the record, I don’t personally agree with what she has suggested and I find it extreme. However, the conversation she is starting is critical and must happen. If it was started earlier in more reasonable progressive standards, it wouldn’t have defaulted to people like Sonia to deal with.

But it has.

Assuming there was a ‘setup’ to create noise on this issue, I suspect they may have miscalculated the hate and death threats Sonia is now getting. I have seen some of them myself on Twitter and Facebook and it’s pretty crazy. Many have been deleted and it didn’t take long to find these comments:

Sonia Proof

This is one of many and Sonia has come out fearful for her life and safety. With many of the comments I have seen this doesn’t surprise me at all. Even though I think Sonia’s move was setup from the start, reality may have kicked in and it’s amazing how polarizing her move has been.

If you talk France and Germany, they have attacks going ‘all the time’ right now and I have lost count over the past few months. It’s being accepted as the ‘new normal’ over there and it’s been directly attributed to the massive influx of migrants which have been imported in. Talking about this issue and even Sonia putting forward her ‘ban them all view’ has clearly made her a marked woman.

This is the price of freedom today; to even question or put views forward on Islamic Immigration has made her physically fear her safety and I pray for her safety, however that won’t do her much good if someone takes some initiative.

What is happening to Sonia has got me thinking on a much deeper level and brought up the old saying to mind:

– “The Price of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance”

Setup or not, I think Sonia is really speaking about freedom and for that there are people that clearly want to kill her. I bet she is now eternally vigilant, watching her back at every turn.

My advice and lessons? It’s crazy times we are in with everything changing quickly. We got to speak the truth, work on the issues to make things better. I think Sonia is a brave woman (setup or not) who has brought a massive new conversation to the surface. I am looking forward to see what is to come.

Thanks for the read friends and prayers for Sonia too! She is a tough woman, so I am sure she will be fine.



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