From behind a rifle to behind a hash tag, modern day 'feminism' has a long way to come back!

From behind a rifle to behind a hashtag, modern day ‘feminism’ has a long way to come back!

If you check my YouTube history or look at what I retweet on Twitter, there is a lot on feminism. It includes actual feminists giving their point of view as well as YouTube heroes like Bearing, Thunderf00t and Sargon of Akkad countering them with logic, facts and insights.

Feminism today has really gone awry in that it’s gone away from women looking to improve their rights and achieve more to a group of people (men included) who are blaming their problems on anything but themselves and having a competition of who is the ‘greater victim’.

What inspired me to write this article was this great tweet I saw from ‘Classic Pics’ on Twitter showing ’19 year old Soviet sniper, who killed 54 men during WWII (1940s)’.

As I was browsing through hundreds of tweets a day, this photo immediately hit me and got me thinking about what on Earth has happened to feminism. You have this 19 year old woman, with a 1940’s era mass produced Sniper Rifle who fought for her country.

I have done lots of study on the Soviet Union and strangely enough, they are one of the least sexist empires I have seen. Don’t get me wrong, I am Pro-Trump and all that – but the Soviets had a very equal view about women in society compared to men.

It got me thinking about the type of ‘awesome feminism’ my mother was involved in and my view of it. I even used to call myself a ‘feminist’ and in my understand and education it was all about:

– Girl Power: Helping women achieve more, prove how awesome they are and break down barriers in society by women demonstrating / proving how capable they are.

My mother was one of the leaders of that in the 80’s. She was an Inspector with Victoria Police, had at least 65 people report to her and was a ‘Policing / Military’ commander in the so called sexist days.

Tragically this has changed over the years with today’s feminists moving towards what I have observed as a new possibile definition to describe feminism today:

– Victim Power: Focusing on why they are not as good as men, how men penalise them, how society penalise them and complaining about it asking men to change the system.

I feel quite sad saying this actually in that I am all about women kicking butt, however feminism today is about hash tags, protesting, talking about the ‘Patriarchy’ oppressing everyone, why men are all sexist and to me the biggest wrong of them all; leading by complaining and not by example. Evidence of this? Go to YouTube and type in ‘feminism fail’ and watch some of that. I get the burden of proof is on me and that is my first bit of evidence.

The good news today is that feminism is dropping in popularity like crazy. I think it hit it’s peak a few years ago and years of crazy hash tags, videos of their antics on YouTube and women turning on feminism has exposed the movement for what it is today. It’s clearly gone from ‘women loving’ to ‘man hating’. They have gone from progressive women like my mother, to regressive bullies we see today. It’s tragic actually, ‘real feminists’ today are being tarred by the extremists.

My lessons, learning and thinking for this one? Victim mentality doesn’t do anyone any good. This type of ‘oppressive’ thinking has totally derailed the feminist cause of today turning strong leaders into tragic bullies.

On one level, I think for feminism to pick up steam again, it needs to go back to personal responsibility, proving strength through success and helping people. On another level, it’s a great lesson to all of us. Never blame your problems on anyone else.

Take charge, take responsibility and succeed. I personally used to be quite a failure and I blamed my results on others around me. The day I started pointing the finger at the mirror my life changed for the better. Ownership, responsibility and taking action is the true path to freedom. This is one I think modern day ‘feminism’ needs to really consider.

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome friends!

P.S. Here here to real girl power! (Thank you Classic Pics from Twitter for the image & inspiration!)



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