Thank you to 'Women in World War II' page on Wikipedia!

Thank you to ‘Women in World War II’ page on Wikipedia for this gem of an image!

When I am chilling out and resting my brain especially, I tend to get on YouTube and watch cool stuff. I like watching anything from serious documentaries, right through to anything on history, Trump, politics and lately feminism!

If you read Part 1 to this article arc, I used to proudly call myself a feminist when it actually was an empowerment / girl power type of movement.

When the ‘purple haired’ social justice warriors hijacked the movement and turned into in a victimhood man hating movement; that is when myself (and millions of others across the West) have checked out of the movement.

One great supporter / colleague I have lots of respect for left a very intelligent reply to my comment. She is about my mother’s age and not only confirmed what I said, but even doubled-down on my comments. Her comment was:

“Edward, that’s not feminism as I know it. And as someone who personally went through the battles for equal pay and rights in the Seventies, who grew up with a mother who was an extremely intelligent woman who had to leave work when she married, I think I have a fairly solid understanding of ‘real’ feminism and the issues at the heart of it. And with all due respect, as a bloke, while you may be in touch with your inner feminine side (and I’m sure you are), if you haven’t walked the walk, you can’t really understand the reality of what some of us have had to fight for. My friends and I have no time for the nastiness and whingeing that pretends to be feminism these days. That’s not what it is, no matter what “they” want to call it.”

Save for her remark on ‘you are a man and you won’t get it’, I think it’s great commentary and I respect her as a person and the thinking presented.

The part I love about her commentary was when she referenced ‘the nastiness and whingeing’ of modern feminism today. It went from being exactly women fighting for rights and taking responsibility, to hashtags threatening men with women pouring out of ‘Gender Studies’ type degrees that only qualify them to be professional feminists.

Comparing this to women who go into the police force, military, become serious professionals like my friend who left the comment and the like.

The tragedy here is that the ‘modern feminists’ have derailed a great original movement with the ‘true feminists’ today being painted with the purple haired man hating mobsters.

My advice and thinking? For the rights and earnings of women to improve, they need to be part of the system and demonstrate results like many progressive women before them. Whinging needs to turn into productivity, success stories and winning.

After all, saying “Look at me I have done it” is way more influential than living of mummy and daddy while putting hate fill tweets out on the internet.

The great news is that many men and women have categorically rejected the ‘feminism victimhood’ movement and are going back to ‘femnisim girl power’ movement. As the burden of proof lies on me for a remark of that nature, Google ‘decrease in feminists’ and you will see what I mean.

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome!



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