Trolls are totally UNHINGED people

There is a great few episodes of Gerald Broflovski trolling in South Park. Humorous truths!

There is a great few episodes of Gerald Broflovski trolling in South Park. Humorous truths!

One of my wonderful friends over the weekend went through something I have been through many times; dealing with the emotional fallout of trolls.

‘Troll’ is in this context to our friends on the internet that trash what we do. Be it they have a point or none (with the latter being most common), when someone hits us on Facebook, sends us abusive emails or does something to us it can stimulate a range of negative emotions.

I don’t get trolled much anymore (which bothers me), but when I do I now appreciate it. Being trolled means we are standing apart and doing something that is shaking people up.

I got trolled over the weekend (which is wonderful) in terms of someone just not liking me and what I stand for. It was great! It was an awesome opportunity to kick them out of the community so they can go and be unhinged somewhere else.

My friend who got trolled was over their religious views and as they are new on the scene, it rightfully rattled them.

I have had interesting experiences where I bumped into people who trolled me face to face. They take one look at me and get very nervous and they usually behave as my best pal. It’s quite an act of cowardice and to me a ‘true troll’ would say to me face to face as they would online.

However, the common ‘troll’ are not ‘real trolls’ and when I meet them they are never successful or happy people. They are usually highly unstable, unhinged and disturbed people.

Trolls are usually just bad people. However, I think some people who end up trolling are quite sad people. For whatever reason, their lives haven’t worked out and they have taken the ‘tall poppy’ path of least resistance.

My advice and thinking? Don’t let trolls pull down your game. From the ones I have met, they are almost always unsuccessful unhinged people which have their own issues in life. I have never ever been trolled by a successful person which is probably the answer right there.

Stick to your guns and remember when you get trolled, PUT OUT MORE CONTENT. Do more. Keep attacking. As you do, they all fade away as your success climbs.

Love your work, thank you to my wonderful friend – hope you go hard and trigger the trolls more.

You rock and thanks for the read!

P.S. For my South Park fan friends out there, check out the wonderful episodes where Gerald Broflovski gets addicted to ‘Internet Trolling’. Also thank you to my wonderful friend, hope you go extra hard with your content and make the trolls suffer more.