7 x ways to spot a NICE WONDERFUL person!

There is always time to spend with WONDERFUL and NICE people! Love your work Lillian.

There is always time to spend with WONDERFUL and NICE people! Love your work Lillian.

It’s a cruisy Monday afternoon as I write this blog and I had a wonderful breakfast with a new friend.

Even though I have known her for a short while as an attendee of one of my workshops, we reconnected and had a chance to meet up one on one. When I first met her, I thought she was a nice lady and after spending some time with her it vindicated my original view.

She is NICE and WONDERFUL being the type of person that everyone would want to be surrounded by. Lillian Astorri rocks and she made me think of how to spot wonderful people.

I mean I write lots of blogs trashing bad people, why not take a time to write a blog about wonderful people? I think it’s time to repent my negative (yet really funny) ways and focus on the positive and wonderful.

When it comes to spotting nice and wonderful people, these are my top seven ways to spot them:

1.       Look friendly: Most nice people look quite friendly and are easy to speak too. If they smile, are kind and listen – it’s a great start.

2.       Accept your point of view: Whether they agree with you or not, nice people usually will accept what you say. When I listen to people, I like to turn off the judgement, to get to know them as people.

3.       Are strong and confident: Nice people usually must be very strong to stay nice. I find they are confident people or at least on the path way there.

4.       They are quite spiritual: When people believe in something beyond themselves, chances are they are quite wonderful. From Buddhists who believe in karma to secularists that believe in the ‘universe’. It makes a total difference.

5.       They aren’t asking for ‘stuff’: Nice people know the world is give and take with them appreciating what they have and not asking you for stuff. They are just wonderful.

6.       They reciprocate: Do them a favour and they will do one for you.

7.       They are a mirror of you: If you are a nice person, you will attract nice people.

My advice and thinking? Be nice first. You can’t expect the world to be nice to you if you are mean to it.

Obviously if you are reading my blog, you are a nice person. Make sure you hang out with other nice people! You both build each other to achieve greatness.

This may include getting rid of not nice people and that’s great! Do it.

That gives you room to meet awesome people like Lillian Astorri (love her work).

Stay awesome, thanks for the read and enjoy!