Putting on GREAT EVENTS (thank you Rachele Grassi!)

Rachele Grassi runs wonderful events and she got me thinking...

Rachele Grassi runs wonderful events and she got me thinking…

When you are busy in the entrepreneur scene, you seemingly can’t get away from events. In my own situation, it’s gone from a necessary evil, to something that I now totally love and enjoy.

Be it you are an attendee searching for great new connections and ideas or the one putting them on; events can be high stakes from many different viewpoints.

Ultimately many of us at some point will put on events. In my case it’s to support my community, showcase what I do and get more high value clients. With many of my wonderful friends it can be to reward their staff, build camaraderie and reward their high value clients.

Rachele Grassi who is the COO for the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Sydney runs lots of events and I have become a massive fan of the great work she does. I went to one of her events just today (as I write this blog) and it was done well at many levels. It got me thinking as to what creates a wonderful event and these are my top events as to what she has done brilliantly:

1.       Built a crowd and invited lots of people personally (myself included).

2.       It was hosted at a nice Law Firm / Beautiful Office.

3.       The speakers really knew what they were doing.

4.       It was marketed very accurately. That is what she promised is what I got.

5.       The food and coffee options were abundant.

6.       It was short and sharp. Just an hour and a bit.

7.       Inclusive and upbeat; I made new friends.

These key reasons really stood out and Rachele nailed the event.

My advice and thinking? As you run your events really think it through. It takes lots of little things done well and as you get better at the experience you create you can expect more and more people to sign up and join your wonderful community / buy what you do.

Love your work, thank you Rachele Grassi for the invite and stay awesome friends.