My Tricks & Tips for filling your Meetup Events

Our Forum was epic with a massive crowd. Thank you Meetup and the strategies I use work!

Our Forum was epic with a massive crowd. Thank you Meetup and the strategies I use work!

If you are one of my awesome followers on Social Media (thank you), you will most certainly notice how we have ramped up the use of Meetup Events in our business.

The simple reason for this is how successful they have been on many levels. This has been in terms of getting more high value clients, more leads, serving clients as well as giving back to the community.

These days we run two a month and filling them is getting easier and easier. As you run Meetup events (for many factors); some fill really fast and some need a bit of extra work to fill.

Interestingly as I write this blog our Forum done the day before had an epic crowd and was great. The evening session I have next week is filling a bit slower (most likely due to over shadowing by last week’s event).

It’s all good and in these situations you up your marketing more. These are my top tips for filling Meetups:

  • Meetup Emails: I like to send 2 x emails a week to our Meetup community through their own platform. Everytime I do, it comes back with a few more bookings. It also keeps the community warm.
  • Listing Events SUPER EARLY: The earlier you list them on Meetup the better. They slowly ‘burn’ away and fill up!
  • Facebook: The best way I have found is to do a video with the link included. I find just link sharing itself gets a poor / no-existent reaction, but with Video it works great! I like doing a video a day to keep the pressure on (and I shall on this one).
  • LinkedIn: I share the link through there and very nice.
  • Emailing your own Database: I love it and a great move. Top strategy for getting your own warm crowd in.
  • Personal Invites: As I meet clients and potential clients to be; I invite them along and send them a link. A top strategy that works great!

These are my own top tricks and they work just a treat!

My advice and thinking? Please take these ideas and adapt them to your own thinking and style. The operative point is here not so much ‘Use Facebook’, but use your whole Marketing Ecosystem and just ‘crank’ the events out there. The more that see it, means the more that come, which means the more clients you get.

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome friends!

P.S. This blog is dedicated to a very powerful, intelligent and awesome business woman. You know who you are!