TOP CONCEPTS discussed at the PROFITABLE Marketing Forum (Thank You VCSO!)

Martha Arifin answering questions with pointed ease. Love her work!

Martha Arifin answering questions with pointed ease. Love her work!

It’s 3:47PM as a I write this blog at the beautiful Swiss Ice Cream Store ‘Movenpick’. It’s my own little slice of heaven where I escape and hide back to celebrate wins and of course write blogs.

Our win today was actually for our 28 attendees of our ‘PROFITABLE Marketing Forum’ today. This is our ½ Day Workshop event where the team from Victory Corporate Serviced Offices hosted us. This service office is just beautiful and we totally loved it. The staff, the view, the people, the experience was all just the 6 Star.

As for our Forum; we have received 5 Star reviews already and there were key themes that really concerned our audience that were discussed seemingly with passion, intensity and closure. I tend you use our Forum’s as an indicator for word on the street and here the clear dominating points discussed:

  • What you stand for: Many in the room struggled with the idea of ‘what do I stand for?’ in my own business. This is a massive issue from many viewpoints in that you need a clear edge to stand out and really make it. That is, a top tag line is required!
  • How Social Media really works: We spoke Facebook and LinkedIn and talked to their differences and strengths. LinkedIn is superior for those one on one business connections. Facebook is great for community management. Also, it’s very hard to sell ‘only’ on Social Media. You need that face to face to link it all.
  • Free or Paid in Live Events: We say free events! Critical to give people ‘something for nothing’ to prove how awesome you are. Free events are so much easier to fill too!
  • Making your website convert: Many said this didn’t happen for them and we spoke about strategies to help make this happen.
  • Selling with integrity and being reasonable: Everyone agreed and came together on this point; it’s critical to sell in a way that you want to be sold too. Kindness, honesty and the lot!

Overall it was an incredible experience and our advice and thinking? Come to our next Forum and check out Victory Corporate Serviced Offices in Sydney. They are just incredible!

Also too, make sure you get your top issues answered in your business ASAP. This will keep you focused on what matters so you can stay productive and win in style.

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome!

P.S. Check out the Victory Corporate Serviced Offices Website here – highly recommended!