Celebrating Your EPIC WINS (Thank you Tony Abbott)

EPIC WIN. Note the awesome Manu in the blue turban behind us.

EPIC WIN. Note the awesome Manu in the blue turban behind us.

It’s 11:29PM as I write this blog, yet it feels like I have the energy I do at 9AM; it’s been an epic night.

With thanks to my awesome friend Manu Spartan Singh I got a message a few days ago on Facebook. There were seats on his table to see the rock star, legend, genius, hard-working patriot and glorious TONY ABBOTT in live.

This is a time in life when you just SAY YES!

This was pretty exciting for me in that you may or may not know; I am a bit of a Donald Trump / Tony Abbott / Nigel Farage type of fan.

Talking to our former PM (who shall be PM again very soon, watch this space); Tony Abbott is an incredible man who sticks up for the worker and protects Australian Interests. I became quite a fan of him and when a certain fellow from the Eastern Suburbs turned on him – I have never looked at things the same way.

Lately Tony Abbott has certainly been making a comeback (what is he up to I wonder?) and the opportunity to meet him tonight has been just wonderful. With my friend Manu I was hanging out waiting for the chance to strike and get my photo.


Tony even reacted saying, “Wow Edward, I love the face you pulled”. Getting a photo with Tony Abbott yes has been on my bucket list and it’s crossed off.

I am now sitting at my PC, eating a bowl of Nobby’s Nuts (they are very tasty) celebrating this win. I shall tell you now; getting this photo was hard! I had to work my way through a very ambitious crowd and got it.

My life is not complete yet, but it’s certainly much more there today.

My advice and thinking? Besides Tony Abbott being glorious and wonderful; what we decide are “EPIC WINS” are something to be celebrated. At times life can be hard with setbacks, responsibilities, taxes, Apple still making computers and it can be very challenging for us.

The wins we get are to be celebrated as it keeps us in the productive zone.

So I am happy! Love your work, thank you for the read and GOD BLESS TONY ABBOTT!