It was inspiring having a fine lunch and share ideas with Awesome Online Marketers such as Katina Beveridge. Of course she has great taste in coffee mugs too!

It was inspiring having a fine lunch and share ideas with Awesome Online Marketers such as Katina Beveridge. Of course she has great taste in coffee mugs too!

Hello Awesome People!

Today was a rocking day. I connected with some awesome business people, gave lots of referrals to my channel partners and had some great meetings with incredibly inspiring people. One of them is a very kind, intelligent and considered Online Marketer by the name of Katina Beveridge (pictured).

She has some impressive skills in the Social Media, SEO & Content Creation Space and we spoke about tons of cutting edge ideas. It was such an inspiring conversation and she asked me a great question ‘Edward, what are your favourite strategies for getting more clients?’

I not only answered her, but I also wanted to share with you wonderful readers my favourite Top 7 Online Marketing Strategies that have personally kicked butt for me and been incredibly kind moves from the viewpoint of my bank account. Enjoy the following:

1) A Beautiful High Converting Website: The foundation of everything. Having a kick butt website that converts incredibly well has been very powerful for my business. After all, you got to send traffic somewhere and you want them to convert!

2) Facebook: Facebook is a massive part of my marketing campaign and has been a hit. To filling Live Webinars, Workshops and getting clients – putting out great content to inspire has been awesome for me.

3) LinkedIn: The perfect combination to real world business networking. I go to events, meet people, add them on LinkedIn and stay connected.

4) Blogging: You are reading this now! Blogging has been a top strategy for getting people engaged in my brand and helping influence them to become clients over time.

5) Email Marketing: Weekly email marketing has been a total hit. My database is almost a very high quality 1300+ now and it’s done wonders for my business and what I do. I send out information and great content to get people connected!

6) Live Webinars: Using Citrix GoToWebinar this is a perfect strategy! I get anything from say 15 – 40 people live on each webinar and it’s a great chance to share great information and offer them a strategy session. I totally love it!

7) Integration and Mixing it all together: If I say write a blog, it may go out in a newsletter and will go through my Facebook & LinkedIn. This has been awesome in that one piece of inspiring content can be shared many times.

In short, these strategies have been a hit for me and I have totally loved it. The Awesome Katina Beveridge inspired some great ideas and love her work.

Trust this has been another Helpful Topic. For more savvy tips and to keep up to date with New Ideas to Market your Business, please sign up to the “The Awesome Marketing Vault”

Love your work, and thank You for the read, enjoy the thoughts, Edward Zia signing out – Stay Awesome!!

Edward Zia is a Marketing Mentor and Business Leader who have worked for a very long time in Marketing and loves helping Awesome Small Business Owners get more clients.



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  1. Great strategies I highly agree with as an ex telemarketer and ex strategist myself, but how would one go about implementing such strategies especially, facebook, LinkedIn, Blogging, and email marketing?

    • Great question Greg! It’s great to engage people to help you in platforms you may not be familiar with. Even though I am advanced on these platforms today – I certainly didn’t start that way so I had a lot to learn so I could get good at it. I learned a lot by trial / error and ‘playing’ with the platforms which was great for me!

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