You just never know who is watching! A trip to get a coffee (even in Sydney) results into bumping into an old friend...

You just never know who is watching! A trip to get a coffee (even in Sydney) results into bumping into an old friend…

Hello Awesome People!

It’s been about 4 years now I have been walking the beat of Sydney. Not as an Undercover or Federal Agent from my old days, but as a Marketing Mentor (way more dangerous, give me a drug bust any day – LOL).

I could almost be anywhere across town and I will run into someone I know. From having a colleague sitting next to me during a trip to the Blue Mountains on the weekend, from having clients standing in the grocery line with me – right through to this morning having an old friend go past while I was buying my Monday coffee trying to ‘restore my sanity’.

The old friend was a woman by the name of Lorna Hollinger. Friendly, kind and someone who helps women (and I quote) “Get their S#!T sorted out”.

I was in a bit of a ‘Monday Morning Daze’ as I waited for my Middle Eastern friend to make my Long Black this morning. Lorna went past the coffee shop, we connected and I ended up walking her to work nearby in Parramatta. As we connected I instantly tweaked to how big Sydney is yet how small it is. With a population of 4.8 Million and more suburbs than you can poke a long stick at, I am blown away to this day of who knows who in the business community and the interesting ‘Sub-Culture’ it forms.

If I after a few years can bump into people at least twice a week randomly walking down the street in almost any suburb – it shows you really the ‘Birds of a Feather’ in how similar minded people visit the same places.

This brings me back to the importance of the NO NAUGHTY STUFF policy that we should undertake in the Sydney community. I don’t just mean this in terms of say what you’d expect from a Federal MP or a Rugby Player over the weekend in terms of visiting certain ahhh – places that offer, ahhh – after hour services, but also in how you treat people.

I had an interesting one recently with someone who tried to rip off one of my clients some time back. At the time they kind of laughed at me, but now I am a ‘somebody’ they are trying to be my best pal. I had someone who once bailed on me and refused to pay an invoice and guess what happened? A potential client asked me what I thought of them.

This makes a big point, NO NAUGHTY STUFF even in big cities like Sydney (double, triple or ten-fold this thinking for smaller cities & towns). People know people and it doesn’t take long to be known as someone how people cross the road to avoid or offer to buy a coffee and shake ones hand.

My advice and thinking? Like me bumping into Lorna Hollinger this morning, you don’t know who is watching. So be a good boy or girl!

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Love your work, and thank You for the read, enjoy the thoughts, Edward Zia signing out – Stay Awesome!!

Edward Zia is a Marketing Mentor and Business Leader who have worked for a very long time in Marketing and loves helping Awesome Small Business Owners get more clients.




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  1. Whew! I’m glad I read the whole blog Edward. I thought at first you were becoming prudish.

    After reading the blog I understand what you mean by No ‘Naughty Stuff’ and relieved you don’t mean the naughty stuff that makes life fun.

    • Ed, a very valuable lesson in being real!
      It’s all about the HOW which people remember, more than the What.

      • Great insight and love your work Peter – that is so true and agree with that one. You got to watch yourself, to this day I am blown about by how ‘Small’ this ‘Big’ city is!

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