Being Knighted into the Order of Saint John, meeting the awesome Lt. Colonel Victor Tsang from the Australian Army and how things have unfolded for me has been profound. You never know who shall come your way!

Being Knighted into the Order of Saint John, meeting the awesome Lt. Colonel Victor Tsang from the Australian Army and how things have unfolded for me has been profound. You never know who shall come your way!

Hello awesome People!

Yes, I am trying to be clever and write in some “Generation Y’s” view of old English. I don’t think I make any sense at all, but what I can tell you is that I have had one one Life Changing Awesome Day that has made me reflect on the bumpy road of how I have made it here.

This blog is quite the Departure from my normal Marketing topics. I wanted to share my own story with you and hope it Stimulates some Great Thoughts and Ideas to help you kick butt in your own Unique way.

I am very Honoured to have been Knighted into the “Order of Saint John of Jerusalem Knights Hospitaller“. This is an order that dates right back to the Crusades and Today, is a Charity group that Mother Theresa was a Member of (which I think is Totally Awesome). For years I have been involved in Charity of my own Accord and some Amazing people in the “NSW Priory” invited me to join the order.

This has marked a very New Chapter in my Life – and bringing it back to the Awesome People reading this blog right now (you), thank you so much for all your Continual Support, I really Appreciate it. About last year I was getting quite bothered by some things that were going down in the world. People being pushed around, the silent middle class being Ignored and Trampled on by the Interests of the few and I was actually looking to a new Direction in my Life.

Looking back to the Beginning of this Year I found myself to be quite Alone. And as I was doing some Research on the “Knight’s Templar UK”, I thought these guys were Awesome. While I was spending lots of time on my Own, a Great Colleague invited me to visit an Order of St. John Event. When I found out the Nature and as I Learnt more about the Story behind the Organisation; how it is purely based on Charity, Fundraising, Helping People in Need. It was so very Inspiring, and I was Immediately Drawn to it, so I instantly Grabbed onto this Opportunity with Both Hands.

I have had quite a rough year in the past year or so, and Especially at the start of this year, but Lately it has been Rocking. I knew after a Rough 2014, 2015 would have to be Great. I knew deep down that “Somehow” New and Amazing Opportunities would come up, and that I was ready to take them on. I patiently waited, kept Active and kept an eye out for the Times when Great Experiences and People would come Along. Every time an Opportunity to Improve my life came along, I would “Pounce” on it as Quickly as Possible. This Mind Set turned out to be some Solid thinking on my part in Terms getting New and Awesome Clients, meeting that Someone Special to cure my Loneliness and gain Support, but also in becoming part of Cool and Elite Communities such as the Order of Saint John.

My advice and lessons from all this? You just don’t know who you are going to Meet, and the Great things that will Come your way. Sure bad things do happen, but Equally Great People and Events will come past, and you have to be ready to jump on them. For me, I may have been unlucky in the past, but it seems to had happen to make way for the better -If you look at my life now, it’s Totally Awesome and many are in Disbelief as to how it all happened.

The “Man / Woman Upstairs” is Definitely Looking after me, and today has been a Greatly Overwhelming and Culmination of many Lessons for me. You shall never know which Awesome people shall come your way, so make sure to be ready to take the Right Course of Action.

I appreciate you being one of the great supporters helping me get there. Stay tuned and who knows what is going to come from me?

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Love your work, and thank You for the read, enjoy the thoughts, Edward Zia sign out – Stay Awesome!!

Edward Zia is a Marketing Mentor and Business Leader who have worked for a very long time in Marketing and loves helping Awesome Small Business Owners get more clients.



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