Awesome success starts with 1) Being Awesome to others & 2) Having Awesome People Surround You. Eli Huang is a great example of this - and our poster girl of this blog!

Awesome success starts with 1) Being Awesome to others & 2) Having Awesome People Surround You. Eli Huang is a great example of this – and our poster girl of this blog!

Hello Awesome People!

I had a very Interesting Experience a few weeks ago. I was Working away, and I Received a Referral for a new Potential Client. We Communicated a bit over Email and then we Organized to speak over the Phone and take it further from there.

During the start of the call, the Reception was really bad and I had Misunderstood part of what that person had said. Out of nowhere, he said “Oh don’t you Mess me around Ed” and then started yelling “Don’t know you know what I do?”

It was quite a Funny Experience, it was totally Uncalled for. I was totally shocked at his Reaction, and a bit taken back.

After this person realized I was shocked (and I think started questioning their own Behaviour) he decided to be a bit “Nicer” to me, he wanted to work with me, yet it just didn’t feel right. I felt the need to think it over for a few hours, decided that I just did not feel Comfortable about our Initial Conversation. I then touched base later on to say “Thank you, but I am not sure if we are the best fit” (strangely, he became more Persistent in wanting to work together, and even though I declined it in the end, his final reply was that he would call me back later down the track?).

It was somewhat the Strangest Experience I have had, and the Total Opposite to the heading of this blog. After being yelled at, I thought “Wow – to do that for no reason whatsoever on our very First Conversation, what would it be like, to bring this Client on?”. I am glad that I was able to “Call Out” this Behaviour from the get go, and be in the Right Mind Set to Decline taking on something that had teh Potential of Developing into a Disastrous and Negative Experience. Sometimes, if your Gut tells you something doesn’t Feel Right, its a good Idea to Follow your Instinct.

This Incident has made me think about how Lucky I am to have the Awesome People I Currently have in my Business and Personal Life.  And I’d like to think that I have the ability to keep that going and keeping Choosing the Right kind of People and Clients that I feel Comfortable and Love working with for as long as I possibly can. And if anything, I’d like to keep Improving on my new Clientele in the Future.

My life Rocks now because of the People I am Surrounded by and through this Negative Experience, it Really made me Realise how Thankful I am about some of my Awesome Clients who lives might not be the best Right Now, yet have been Pleasant to work with and have a Positive Outlook.

Putting aside Marketing and all that – one key Reason that things aren’t going great for someone, could well be due to certain Negative People , which they have allowed into their lives. Be it their Family Members or Clients who aren’t being Supportive or Treating them well or with the Respect that they Deserve, hats off to them for Soldiering on. However, there comes a time in one’s Life, the only way to Improve your Circumstances is to Stand Up for Yourself, “Call Out” anything that is making you Unhappy. At least both Parties will be on the same page, and with a Mutual understanding, hopefully Something can be done to Improve the Situation.

My lessons and advice? From my own painful Lessons and Experiences Listening to other’s Struggles, there are two Key things I have picked up. 1) Be a person who Appreciates others for who they are, and 2) Surround yourself with people who Appreciate you. If you get those two things right, this will open many doors to great things.

Who you hang out with makes a Huge Difference in your Life, and now bringing it back to Marketing – Awesome friends will Honestly and Truely, Love, Support and Promote you. It will not only Improve your Personal Growth, it will also be a Very Profitable thing to do.

Trust this has been another Helpful Topic. For more savvy tips and to keep up to date with New Ideas to Market your Business, please sign up to the “The Awesome Marketing Vault

Love your work, and thank You for the read, enjoy the thoughts, Edward Zia sign out – Stay Awesome!!

Edward Zia is a Marketing Mentor and Business Leader who have worked for a very long time in Marketing and loves helping Awesome Small Business Owners get more clients.



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