Frozen was one cool film and 'Let it Go' I think can almost appeal to anyone. With taking justice on the bad - you got to do what you must do, then intelligently 'Let it Go!'

Frozen was one cool film and ‘Let it Go’ I think can almost appeal to anyone. With taking justice on the bad – you got to do what you must do, then intelligently ‘Let it Go!’

Hello Awesome People!

Being Knighted into the “Order of St. John” yesterday was one Awesome thing that I am still Buzzing about. I know there is some very Amazingly Charitable hard work (yet rewarding and helpful to everyone) to come. I was also Excited to find out that Mother Teresa was part of this Order.

On another note, recently and not uncommonly, some of my Awesome friends, have been Subjected to the certain Attacks and Deceitful Behaviour, which I also have (as I am sure you) Experienced as well. Stories such as one who mentioned a sad Story about Personal Back-Stabbing of someone whom they have Helped and Assisted in getting their Business up and Running.

Another had been Led by a big Client into working for Nothing for 3 months for a big “Cheque” which never Arrived, (Also known as Stealing) which then almost put them out of Business. This most discerning Story was one with a Trusted Staff Member who Started their Own Business whilst taking lots of my “A-Level”old clients with them. It is always good to know that there are actually Procedures to Protect yourself and Prevent any of the Above Situations from happening, which Suits your Business.

This Experience can be Hurtful and Horrible, and it can be very Distressful to the Party Involved. In other cases, sometimes the Effects of being taken Advantage of by a Client can really upset a Business Owner so much – it was the “Last Straw” that caused her to finish up her business. Furthermore, you never know what other People’s true back Story is, they might be Displaying a Confident and Brave Face to the general Public, you never know if Someone might be Struggling with any Mental Illness such as Depression, Anxiety, Bi-Polar and Dyslexia, etc.

Often hearing stories like this makes me feel sad. And the Reality is that there are “Good Samaritans” out there Helping people and there are “Bandits” too with some Pure Evil taking whatever they can for their own cause. Bringing it back to some great thinking, I heard from the “Order of St. John” yesterday was the back story in the Establishment behind our Legal System.

Historically, our Legal System was built on the Christian Principles with Courts, Juries, Codes of Conduct, Appeals. All these Systems to provide Fairness and Justice, Discipline / Punish the Bad & Protect the good – yet also it with an Element of Forgiveness Built into it. People can Pay their fines and “Do their time” to show their Understanding of their Wrong doing to show that, and are then given a Fresh Start and New Beginnings.

Bringing it back to our Businesses, marketing and the like – all of us who are Successful, have had to go through the Process of Learning through such Experiences, whether it’d be bad, wrong or unfair, and arguably evil. We have the Right to Defend Ourselves, have Preventative Procedures in place, do what we need to do for the Time and Intellectual Property you have provide in Exchange for the Agreed Value, move on the Bad Partner (or whatever) but then I think, quoting Frozen we have to “Let it go”. And remember, as George W Bush tried to say: “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me…” Once you have Protected yourself / taken Justice – you simply need to let it go, move on and keep being Awesome.

My thinking and learning’s on this one? Forgiveness is not always Necessarily giving that person another Chance, it’s more not Holding a Case Against Them. Protect your Assets First, then just “Let it Go!”.

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Love your work, and thank You for the read, enjoy the thoughts, Edward Zia sign out – Stay Awesome!!

Edward Zia is a Marketing Mentor and Business Leader who have worked for a very long time in Marketing and loves helping Awesome Small Business Owners get more clients.



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  1. When I was at a Hypnotherapy Convention in 2011. There was a whole segment dedicated to forgiveness.

    In essence,the forgiveness was given within a “restitution” agreement.

    It was a Christian Hypnotherapist that was teaching this. The victim granted forgiveness and the trespasser was bound to restitution.

    Good deal I think!

    • That is a great one and I couldn’t agree with this one more. Forgiveness is a great one – but I think it must be explained. Most people think it means you get taken advantage of again and no 🙂 Thanks again Awesome Alfred!

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