Intelligent, Brilliant and Understands 'Leverage & Automation' - Martha Arifin from Trusted Web Expert has some great insights for all!

Intelligent, Brilliant and Understands ‘Leverage & Automation’ – Martha Arifin from Trusted Web Expert has some great insights for all!

Hello Awesome People!

Leveraged & Automated Marketing are common terms I have heard used in the market since I have been in business. You would hear people saying “Oh you need to Automate & Use Leverage” and the like which sounds really good on the surface.

As I peeled back the layers of the onion and spoke to people who were so called “Experts” in this area, I found them to be of very little substance. When I would turn around and ask about these topics, there would also be very vague answers of little value. They would include “Oh do Workshops” or “Oh do an Online Product”. When I asked how, it would be “Well, just hire someone”.

Basically, they were nonsensical answers and over the years I was lucky to explore these topics myself. I have met several experts that I claim rock in this area – the Awesome Kristy Smith (from Virtual Elves) and from an Online / Technical Viewpoint Martha Arifin.  We both did a shared webinar tonight titled “Automated Marketing Strategies for an Endless Stream of High Value Clients” and she gave some great tips & insights I would like to share with you:

1) Setup Cost & Time: This is a great one in that regardless of what Leverage or Automation you do there is a setup cost. Be it time or money – be ready to do it. Setting up Mailchimp is obviously cheap and easy with say a website being a lot of work. great to consider this.

2) The Concept of Leverage: This is more about amplification. That is, say you do an event to 30 x people and get better use of your time. This is the logic of “One to Many”. A great example of this is a Live Webinar.

3) The Concept of Automation: This is where you have resources working for you without any additional input. A great example of this is recording that above Webinar and sharing it with Key People.

4) Use your Social Media Wisely: If you have say content you wish to share, you can share it quite easily (with thousands for at times only $10) and get one amazing and impressive result. Once you have the content, you can get great “Leverage” and “Automate” its exposure with ease.

5) Email Marketing with Autoresponders: This works just great and Mailchimp is one outstanding platform. You can send emails to groups of people and even set it up to go out automatically in auto-responders and the like (i.e. so without any intervention people get your key messages).

6) Blogging: My personal favourite! Using key articles to spread your message.

7) The Website & Integration: It all starts with a great website! It’s your foundation for effective marketing in that you want to bring back people to a compelling online experience. This way they know you are quality.

My advice and learnings? After working with Martha tonight it’s reminded me of a few very important concepts. Firstly, get your business right before you automate it. Secondly, understand the cost and time and do a bit of it at a time.

For me personally it’s quite a journey and “Getting There” which is great!

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Love your work, and thank You for the read, enjoy the thoughts, Edward Zia sign out – Stay Awesome!!

Edward Zia is a Marketing Mentor and Business Leader who have worked for a very long time in Marketing and loves helping Awesome Small Business Owners get more clients.



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