The winning AEONA Coworking experience

Ram Venkatagiri did a top job of Guest Speaking at our event. We love his work!

We had a wonderful Profitable Marketing Meetup at AEONA Coworking Space tonight. It’s a great property which I love on many levels and our evening was just great.

It helps us run a top Meetup and in short, these are the top reasons why it’s so great:

  • Great Location: Right up from Sydney Central Train Station
  • Top space: Lots of great room for everyone
  • Beautiful view: Right of the Sydney Skyline
  • Well looked after: Benny & Alex do a great job
  • Trendy Space: A top place to work

My advice and thinking? AEONA Coworking Space rocks and is a top space to get more done and run top events.

>> Visit the AEONA website here

We love their work and pumped with more to come!