The easy choice of Vegetarian Pizza’s

Domino’s does a great job of it’s Vegetarian Range. People love it!

Some of you will know that save for a bit of seafood here and there, I am a vegetarian.

Besides my weakness for Fish and Chips (which I may get into now and then), I enjoy a plant-based diet.

Despite this, when I ran events where I ordered Pizza – I would still order Meat options for the crowd. As time passed (and with great influence from the founder of WeWork), I went to full vegetarian options when I ordered for events.

The worked so incredibly well, I am going to do it forever in that when you go full vegetarian it is more compatible with everyone. I found that:

  • Meat eaters didn’t care
  • Vegetarians were Happy
  • Vegans turned a ‘blind eye’
  • It supported those with religious meat exclusions / conditions
  • It tasted great

My advice and thinking? When catering, go the vegetarian options. It really works, and I was impressed at how it just worked for everyone.

Love your work, thank you everyone and stay awesome!