Always give Printed HANDOUTS at your Events

I love printed handouts. It enhances events and drives sales. Nice!

It’s 7PM Sunday night and I have just finished printing 50 x Copies of my PowerPoint Slides for our ‘Profitable Marketing Meetup’ this Tuesday evening.

I am not a fan of printing; but I love it for the outcome it gets.

I get asked all the time if one should provide handouts at their public speaking events and if it’s not standing room only and people are seated, my answer is YES.

There are many reasons why it’s great:

  • It’s Tangible Proof: If you are putting your ideas in writing, they must be true. Right?
  • Take it Away: People take it with them and some read over it, coming back to you later.
  • No one else does it: Especially for free events, no one else does it – so I love too.
  • Subconscious Persuasion: If you studied Persuasion, NLP, Neuroscience or the like, you will know what this point means. As you engage more senses, people believe it more
  • It looks good: Hey, you have handouts! Serious event. Right?
  • Less Writing more Listening: You want people really engaged with you.

There are many more reasons, but I will tell you it’s worth the printing cost and time. People always tell me too they love it and it means a lot to help enhance one’s events.

Better event = more clients. Great!

Love your work, happy printing and stay awesome friends!