Why I handout CHOCOLATES at my events

Chocolate is a hit at our events. Highly recommended to keep your crowds happy!

I have been asked many times why I handout chocolate at my events.

It’s a great question in that NEVER in my life have I seen anyone do this at their events.

I totally made up this idea that worked incredibility well with people talking about it getting right into the sugary cocoa madness. It’s a great idea because:

  • Everyone loves chocolate
  • You get Cadbury Favourites, so they are individually wrapped with something for everyone
  • It get’s every ‘Happy & High’
  • It’s a fun thing to do.
  • Handing people chocolate often brings up great childhood memories
  • It’s funny and unique
  • It’s a chance for me to welcome and connect with everyone by giving them a gift, creating reciprocity

When I first handed out chocolates to people, it just worked and it’s a manageable cost. I spend about $50 on chocolate per event and people love it.

My advice and thinking? Give out chocolates! Try it. It’s great. Believe me 😊