The time delay from saying hello till someone becomes a LEAD

It takes time for people to become leads and turn into clients. Be patient and keep at it!

I love Sales & Marketing.

Since I was injured and moved on from my Army & Federal Enforcement days, I was always attracted to this type of work.

I ironically went full circle in that I started in Sales, got into Full Time Marketing Management, and back in Sales in my own business. With Sales, I have learned so many great things and still do every day.

What I find interesting is how people go through the “Meet, Like, Know & Trust” process. You may say hello to someone and send them your website, and it takes a week for them to come back to you as a serious lead.

I may speak to them on the phone let’s say, and it may be even a month till they become a client of some form.

My advice and thinking? With Sales & Marketing there is always a delay. Very rarely to never; does someone just take my stuff and sign up. They think about it, for weeks even. However, if I’m available, answer their questions and support them; they turn into clients.

Work hard, but be patient friends. You want to put lots of messages out there, but remember they won’t respond instantly. It takes a bit of time till they all start coming through.

Love your work, enjoy the thoughts and keep winning friends!