Taking a great SELFIE with CONTEXT!

A simple photo can really be great with right context so your images just work!

I love taking selfies. It’s great.

It not only fees my extremely insecure (yet completely funny) ego; I use it quite heavily in the context of self-promotion.

A selfie at the right place at the right time, can go viral giving you incredible exposure and helping you win so much more. When you take a selfie, there are several key things to consider.

Firstly, does it make you look professional? Secondly, does it communicate what you are all about? Thirdly, is it interesting and in context?

I love making sure that selfies I take are relevant to my environment. I love doing that by looking around first to get the perfect shot. One time I was at the Novotel in Parramatta and all my favourite seats were taken.

Frustrated in being unable to get the right selfie, I spotted the Novotel Girl on the Wall next to reception. It was here I was able to take a nice selfie in context got me thousands of views and entertained my fans and clients to me.

My advice and thinking? Don’t just take random selfies. Think it through and get a great background that suits your surroundings. I do and love it.

Enjoy the thoughts, happy selfies and stay awesome friends!