Use new great photos as you get them!

New image up already on FB Business Page. Love it!

We live in a very dynamic, fast changing world these days!

I was just thinking about that in that it’s 10:45PM and tonight, we had our biggest and best Profitable Marketing Meetup ever. I was full of great people and we took the best photo tonight.

What have I done already? Changed my Facebook Cover image on my business page. In the morning, I am probably going to update the image on my Awesome Marketing Vault Mentoring Program. I think I may even use it in a FB ad.

My advice and thinking? As you work in your business, take photos and the like, you will take some great photos now and then. Use them right away. It helps make your business look bigger, better and it just rocks.

Love your work, thank you everyone for making the photo great and stay awesome friends!