My love for holding functions at the Novotel

The Novotel Sydney on Darling Harbour was great for our Christmas Function and very easy to organise!

It is only a week (or two) before Christmas and things are getting busy in Sydney.

Sydney is busy all the time anyway, however it just gets that extra busier in this special happening time of the year.

As part of all this, I had to organise a really good Christmas Function for our Meetup HQ Sydney Community. I had about $550 and had to stretch it for a great group of people (about 35+).

I am also really busy in my business, life and family; so I had to make it great with little time available.

I organised it through Novotel Sydney on Darling Harbour (as it’s a beautiful property and location), and the event was just perfect in that:

  • The Property is Great
  • The Pricing is very reasonable (great food for 35+ people for just $550ish)
  • Great Staff and Service
  • People could buy whatever drinks they wanted
  • The Food Quality was outstanding
  • It was very easy to do
  • The Tablets were set beautifully and just worked

My advice and thinking? Consider Novotel Properties as places to hold your functions. I was really happy with how this played out and I love it. I shall be using them even more in the future.

Love your work, love their work and Merry Christmas friends!