Running events in Sydney’s “The Rocks”

Events in The Rocks have a different and great vibe. Love it!

In early December, I was very grateful to be invited to Adrienne McLean’s Christmas Party.

This was for people who spoke at one of her conferences earlier in the year, and it was a great Monday night in Sydney’s “The Rocks”. The Rocks is old historic Sydney, and it’s quite a tourist hub.

Adrienne’s event was my first business event I had ever attended in The Rocks and it was great. It had a different vibe, the people were totally different and it felt like you were on holidays (even though I could be 500m away feeling in business mode).

You get great people there and you have countless restaurants, bars and pubs with great food and drinking options.

My advice and thinking? If you are running Business Social Events and the like, consider The Rocks. It’s easy to access, beautiful, reasonable pricing and it has a great “holiday” vibe around the place.

Love your work and remember, The Rocks rocks!