The powerful use of SILENCE (Thank you Tucker Carlson)

There are times when people spin you out and 'silence' is the only option!

There are times when people spin you out and ‘silence’ is the only option!

When we are busy being wonderful entrepreneurs, talking to people, selling and the like; there can be a natural drive to what to always be saying something.

I used to be like this in that I would just simply talk too much and not only tire myself out, but not give people enough time to digest and think through what I am saying.

Over the years that have passed I have learned the wonderful virtues of silence when speaking to people. Be it you ask a question and want to get a decent answer you remain silent, be it you want people to go on and you remain silent, or be it you are just simply tired and want to remain silent.

What I have found is that when I ask people a question, if I don’t get the information or answer I like, I love to be silent! I may even give a confused look (without trying) that gets people to really give me more information or talk through a given point.

Besides in obvious relationship building / positive situations, I find that silence can be wonderful in negative situations. If you disagree with someone, if you are trying to avoid someone or protect your time from being wasted; you can just stay quiet to get people to move on. It reduces conflict, people get the message you aren’t talking to them and it lets you both focus on what really matters in our time-poor precious world.

My advice and thinking? SILENCE is golden and use it as part of your entrepreneur tool kit. Uncomfortable pauses are wonderful and get used to them. They can be wonderful when you don’t fill it with nervous talk.

Love your work, thank you for the read and here is to the power of silence.

P.S. Image Credit and thanks to you Tucker Carlson for the way you use silence and your ‘Tuck Face’ when people just confuse you.