Selling to the subconscious mind: Putting something PHYSICAL in their hands!

My Coffee cups, booklets and handouts - all wonderful for selling to the subconscious mind!

My Coffee cups, booklets and handouts – all wonderful for selling to the subconscious mind!

One lesson I learned very early on in my business (that serves me well to this day) is the importance of giving someone you are speaking / selling too something physical.

Especially if you are selling ‘thinking’ as do I as a Marketing Mentor & Coach; intangible services can be tricky to sell and need that extra bit of effort.

Early on I got my ‘Crazy Persian Branded Coffee Cups’ which I started giving to people as intelligent gifts when I would meet them face to face. I immediately started observing that if I had a meeting where I gave a person the coffee cup gift; it would immediately disarm them creating an immediate bond which makes it easier for everyone.

I also noticed this in workshops as well. Let’s say I run a workshop and don’t give people a hand out. I would find they tend to wander more and the questions aren’t as good. If I give them a handout (even a simple one), they would take me much more seriously.

As time passed and I researched this one from a more ‘street / application’ level, I went and spoke to some actual Behavioural Psychologists and heavyweights in the industry. They all confirmed my findings with their own various experiences and theories with my own paraphrasing of their thinking:

  • The high quality / relevant physical object you have given them engages their conscious and subconscious mind more deeply into what you say and think.

This thinking totally backed my own findings in the field.

My advice and thinking? When you meet and work with people face to face be it one or one or in a group setting; give them a quality item of some relevant form. In workshops, it may be a print of the actual slides (or a summary). In one on one situations I know many to give wonderful high-quality pens that are taken very seriously.

It also stimulates reciprocity as well in that with most people; they will feel obliged to return the favour somehow. Very useful in selling for obvious reasons!

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome wonderful friends.