Drawing on multiple dimensions (Thank you Lorna Hollinger)

I only like to learn from the best. Love your work Lorna Hollinger!

I only like to learn from the best. Love your work Lorna Hollinger!

As the stars have come into some form of alignment, I am very blessed to be reconnecting with old friends. In hindsight, I wish I never lost contact with them (hence I am reconnecting) and I was very lucky to meet for a wonderful breakfast one of my friends from quite early in in my business.

Parallel to my own growth and development, there are been a great degree of spirituality that has come into our businesses and is a big part of what we help people with.

Even though I am a Marketing Mentor for Entrepreneurs (and I never plan to change that), faith, Jesus, the Lord and all these concepts has become key part on what I talk about, how I help people and the wonderful things that come from that.

My friend Lorna Hollinger is probably that x 100 which I think is wonderful and I love how she is operating literally in multiple dimensions when she works with her clients. She of course operates in the conventional seen reality as well as the unseen in terms of different energies, thinking, sprits and she has probably tapped into very different planes of existence that I have started to comprehend.

Talking about this on a simple street level is that of faith and intuition. As entrepreneurs, we totally rely on this in that we need to know what is going on in the tangible world; but we must also act on the unseen / unreal to achieve what we want.

In my case, who ever thought a homeless washed up veteran like me would succeed in a city as crazy as Sydney? Although I would love to say that it’s become I am totally awesome and wonderful, it’s most certainly not. It’s the fact that I have tapped into other planes of thinking beyond myself to change my life for the better.

Jesus and God is a wonderful way of doing that in my book (and his book).

My advice and thinking? Like the wonderful Lorna to create the life you want you need to go beyond the superficial seen reality. This is where we tap into multiple dimensions of thought and consciousness to create the lives we want and for others.

It rocks. Try it.

Love your work, stay awesome and thank you Lorna Hollinger. You rock!