The next idea

The profitable quest for new ideas!

The profitable quest for new ideas!

If you have been following my business closely; you would have seen massive changes and improvements over the last 6 – 12 months.

Everything has been changed for the better with the ‘status quo’ considered my natural enemy.

I have found over the years that success for me ultimately will not come by accepting what I have today and I am forever questioning my own business, working on what needs it next and coming up with ideas to take my marketing to the next level.

Interestingly, last Sunday over the long weekend a actually did a new video promoting what I do. It included my cat and at the time, I thought it was really good.

In fact, it’s the best video I have done!

Guess what? Now I look at it and go ‘NO WAY’ we can do better than that! In fact, when I am in Sydney CBD this Monday to see an awesome client I am going to redo my video.

I am thinking of doing something from the top of the pylon on the Sydney Harbour Bridge or even going to the Rocks and going old Australiana. In fact, I am coming up with new ideas and thinking that will improve what I am doing.

Two things may happen:

– It sucks and I stick with my old one.

– It’s high converting and doubles my sales (lol).

The point is my friends that I don’t know whether it will get me more sales but I will keep trying and by luck it shall improve soon. My advice friends? Work on the next idea. Then the next idea and don’t stop. Only by trying new stuff are we going to get the success we need and impress potential new clients to join us!

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome you wonderful folks.

P.S. Happy Friday and Sydney is nice and warm today! Thank you to Fallout and Vault Boy for the inspiration + image credit too.