Your own unique way

You probably have guessed that I am not too phased by being 'different' anymore lol

You probably have guessed that I am not too phased by being ‘different’ anymore lol

I was speaking to one of earlier original clients (from the old days some years ago) over Facebook Messenger this morning.

From memory; I worked with Kylie for a good year and in those days I was more of a general ‘Business Coach’ and I was in the transition of going into becoming the heavy Marketing Mentor I am today.

We speak several times a year and when we do; it’s like I was speaking to her yesterday and she is going great in life and loving it.

As I spoke to her, she gave me an interesting reflection about me and my style in which she basically said:

– “Edward, what I love about you is that you don’t care what anyone else is doing and you just go and do your own thing”.

I really appreciated hearing that feedback from someone as awesome as Kylie and as I reflected on it; I remembered it wasn’t always like that. I started out quite insecure and I was very influenced by what I was ‘told’ by the so called specialists.

Even every now and then; I look around and think “Oh CAWD, such and such is doing this and should I be doing that?”.

When I think about that on a deeper level, the thinking that originally took me out of a life of poverty to mediocrity and put me on this successful path involved leaving everything behind and doing my own thing.

It totally worked and when you take out emotion and look at it from a practical marketing viewpoint, it actually makes perfect sense. People hire us / use our services because we are unique and different to such-and-such down the road.

Why don’t many of us stand alone? Why do we have trouble being unique? I certainly did and I think it’s conditioning from our earlier days and bad habits. It may be BS from our childhood or we incorrectly think we suck at some deep level.

It can also be the fear of ‘being wrong’.

Well, being wrong is awesome! You have to be wrong lots to be right and I have been exactly like that many times. You must do your own thing and it won’t always work.

But sometimes it will! You will do something that becomes massively successful and shall take your life and business to the next level.

My advice friends? Be yourself. Don’t worry (too much) about what others are doing. Know your customers, know what they want and play the game your way.

It will feel authentic, you will love it and you will attract the right sort of people who are just as awesome as yourself.

It may be a little bit scary; but don’t worry about it. I got really drunk a few months ago at the British Chamber of Commerce and shouted “Build a wall, Build a wall” and spoke about Trump the whole night. They still welcomed me back lol

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome friends.

P.S. Thank you Kylie – you rock and always a pleasure reconnecting when we can.