You know your marketing is working when…

A fruitful visit out and about this morning told me some good news lol!

A fruitful visit out and about this morning told me some good news lol!

It’s a beautiful Saturday in Sydney that looks like it’s turning with rain. I got up in the morning, hit the gym and it by the time I got back home it was already a day in itself.

As I sit at my beautiful Windows 10 Desktop PC at 2:37PM Sydney Time, I was reflecting on three key events that confirms my marketing is working in just today:

– Event #1: I get an SMS from a friend who lives in our apartment block. He say my Facebook advertisement in his feed!

– Event #2: I get a call from a staff member of a client asking me about a business concept they are working on with one of their clients. Cool!

– Event #3: Whilst at the gym, someone recognises me on Facebook and says hello and wants to speak more about my services.

– Event #4: At least 4 x shares of my content.

– Event #5: A few people are saying hello over Facebook messenger!

Even though I have lots of work to do on my business (and I am even doing another take of my FB video ad on Monday); I know my marketing is working.

It’s getting attention, it’s positive, people are liking it and this is just a Saturday! I am pretty beefed actually in that I only remember a year or so ago I had nowhere this amount of support or people making contact.

My advice and thinking? Marketing is critical and when we change something or start something new; it often has wide impacts across the business.

You can tell when something falls flat and you can tell when something is working. Beyond say direct clicks or impressions; generally speaking lots of cool events like this start happening.

Keep improving your marketing and what you are doing whilst being sensitive to the world around you. I know for example my marketing is going 10/10 in terms of awareness and people liking me; for conversion I give myself 4 / 10.

But watch this space though, it’s going up 🙂

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome!