The layered beauty of Port Macquarie

Port Macquarie - you should definitely be here!

Port Macquarie – you should definitely be here!

It’s been a trip of years in the making and I finally got to go visit the incredible business hub / holiday spot of Port Macquarie in the Mid Northern NSW Coast.

The Regional Business Awards was my perfect excuse to go and I got to meet the locals, hang out with the locals and enjoy some wonderful food from the locals.

Now I have some experience of Port Macquarie, I finished up there summarising my view of the place in this one statement:

  • Port Macquarie has layers of beauty and is a wonderful relaxing place to unwind in style

That is Port Macquarie isn’t so much known for one thing if that makes sense. You don’t have a tall building, rare caves, big bridges or some type of rare feature; it’s just a beautiful place on all levels.

The people there are some of the kindest you will ever meet. People smile in the street, help with directions and are wonderful. The Food and Coffee I tried everywhere was just wonderful. The water was clear, slightly calm and lovely. The trees and green was just wonderful.

You also get the beautiful artwork painted on the rocks on the shore is an incredible sight to see as you read stories and think of all these lives of wonderful people that have gone by.

In short, Port Macquarie is just ‘beautiful’. Even though I wasn’t there for long, I strangely had a good chance to unwind and even though I was only gone for 24 hours; it feels like a week has passed.

My advice and thinking? Book yourself into a wonderful trip to Port Macquarie and if you can make it a business trip somehow, then do it! I would love to go back there tied in with a Business Chamber Meeting or Evening, however give yourself 2 or 3 days to really immerse yourself in the experience.

I had to pack my stuff and move on just as I got into it. Next time shall be longer.

Thank you Port Macquarie! Love your work and till next time.