The importance of gathering Testimonials, Letters and SOCIAL PROOF!

The photo wall at CJ at Central reminded me as to how popular they are. Great Social Proof!

The photo wall at CJ at Central reminded me as to how popular they are. Great Social Proof!

Us humans are incredible creatures and there are certain patters as to how we work, how we think and of course how many of make decisions.

In Marketing & Sales, one key area is what we call ‘Social Proof’. This is basically proof ‘socially’ for whatever we are saying. If our product say helps people lose weight, you can argue that till you are blue in the face.

Having a group of real people (and I do repeat ‘real’) that have used your product with massive success makes the difference in how people see you. After all, if it’s worked for someone else, people naturally assume it may work for them.

What got me thinking this way was visiting one of my favourite Take Away Café’s in Sydney, CJ’s @ Central. They make great coffee that I like to grab as I walk to the first of my Sydney CBD meetings.

This time on my visit I noticed their wonderful photo wall. When I saw it, it got me thinking about to how popular they are. Lots of people like me totally love them, and it was a great sample of ‘Social Proof’ in action.

That is, if all these hundreds of people love them, then so should I right? I mean if I don’t love them, there is something wrong with me? Liking them in a common viewpoint, so therefore I should have it?

Of course, I love CJ’s @ Central for who they are before seeing the photo wall, but this was extra validation and ‘Social Proof’ that I do.

My advice and thinking? Social Proof is critical in what we do, and it takes multiple forms. You can have 5-star reviews, written testimonials, video testimonials, people shout you out in workshops and signed letters.

They all just work and help sales happen. If you haven’t already start collecting yours and build them into your marketing big time!