Be the BEST and TAKE OVER!

It's a wonderful feeling to disrupt the world around us!

It’s a wonderful feeling to disrupt the world around us!

I met with a wonderful friend later in the afternoon, which turned into an early evening meal.

They are a very savvy business owner who leads in the Beauty Industry and is well known across the wonderful city of Sydney.

We have a lot in common and covered a lot of great topics when we spoke today. One key topic we spoke about was how we operate as Entrepreneurs and the importance of being leaders in everything that we do.

One thing I realise that I do (and have always done) is that I tend to take over environments that I enter. Be it officially getting a senior position or at the very least have an informal position of leadership; it’s something that has served me well.

My friend is extremely similar in how she operates in this similar regard. She has done it through her business and being a Thought Leader in her industry.

Be it we are Business Networking, on Facebook, LinkedIn, got tight competition or whatever the case may be; the sooner we can shine the better.

The big question then comes down too being, “How do we take over?” The answer to this is by being the best. Not being the loudest, or the most brazen; but by being the best. “The Best” of course changes as per environments. If it’s in my own workshops, I be the best my having the best content, the most fun and helping people network. If it’s my friend; it’s by having the best Salon ever in terms of experience, staff, results and reviews.

It’s taking over by being the best and it’s critical. I find the people who become the best and rise to the top are the ones WHO LOVE WHAT THEY DO THE MOST!

My advice and thinking? Be the Best! If you aren’t, keep working at it day by day and get better and better. As you achieve that, you naturally find yourself become leader in many different places.

This rocks and it’s also very rewarding too! Take over, smile and WIN BIG.

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome friends!