The DIFFERENCE between Sales & Marketing

It's almost important to not hide 'behind your social media'. Get out there and explore!

It’s almost important to not hide ‘behind your social media’. Get out there and explore!

Even in my own language, there can be many times where I use the words ‘Sales’ & ‘Marketing’ almost interchangeably. Most of us do in its practical application with good cause.

However, if you don’t know the difference between what these two means; it can create lots of problems when it comes to getting more high value profitable clients.

You get many definitions of these words that can almost be ‘fluid’ from company to company and I have found a good practical, useful and applied definition to suit Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs is the following:

  • Marketing: Bringing in leads
  • Sales: Converting leads to customers

This is not technically correct by any stretch of the imagination and I know that my Marketing Mentor & Sales Coach friends would be quite upset at me right now (apologies in advance).

The main reason I use this definition is to get people thinking about the importance of both. I was with a fantastic client from Queensland who was visiting Sydney over the weekend and we spoke this through on many levels. You can for example be pumping out all the Facebook videos you want (which I would call Marketing) and that may bring you leads and interest.

One you get those leads and interest, that is where Marketing ends and Sales begins. Extra ads won’t turn a lead into a customer; one must meet with them to sort it out and make it all possible. It could be at once end a Facebook Messenger discussion, a phone call or best of all; a face to face meeting.

The common mistake I have found many (including myself to make) is actually “Over Marketing” and “Under Selling”. To me, it’s a mixture of both.

You have great Marketing that builds your brand, brings in leads and works well – backed up by outstanding Sales that turns leads into customers.

A great overlapping example is say visiting a Business Chamber looking for new clients. As you are there, you may so do a video and people see you from a distance (Marketing). As you talk to people to get gauge interest, get meetings and the like; this is Sales.

Marketing & Sales are obviously overlapping ideas, but they are difference and it’s good to know that. For example, in my business – my Marketing is actually really good! My Sales is what I am working on now to upgrade things.

My advice and thinking? Make sure you are Marketing AND SELLING. Two different concepts and they are powerful together.

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome wonderful friends.