PROFITABLE Business Networking & Personal Selling (Live Webinar Recording)

This Live Webinar rocked!It’s been a great 5 to 6 years since I have been in business and I have tested and performed dozens of different marketing strategies. Out of this whole experience and melting pot; I have learned from the world’s billionaires, those top performers across Australia and my own proven results.

Even though I love Facebook, LinkedIn, Email Marketing, Websites and the like; my favourite and best performing strategy is ‘Face to Face’.

If you think towards the end of the world’s most epic election last year too when the glorious Donald Trump saved America from the clutches of the Corporations embodied in Hillary Clinton (lol), I remember in the last few weeks of the campaign that Hillary would barely do rallies; preferring Twitter and Facebook.

On the other hand, Trump would be cranking rallies at times of 5 x per day – Face to Face!

Talking to you and me as entrepreneurs, I can tell that working Face to Face totally rocks and it’s even more powerful when you networking in exactly the ‘right places’.

In this Webinar I looked at all of this, including discussion of DISC Profiling in terms of selling. Enjoy this recording and love your work!