Over the years I have done a bit of Business Coaching informally – however lately I have been looking into taking it up as a serious option.

I know I have some great Marketing / Business skills that can really help.  Anyway, I have been speaking to a few different places that offer Accredited Courses in coaching which also have a strong component to help you launch your own Coaching Business. So that’s great.  I had a funny experience, the day after filling in the online forms I got 2 x Seperate Phone Calls.  I won’t name the companies, but I will tell you one is from Melbourne and one from Queensland (these companies BTW cannot be found at the top Google Search results if you type in “coaching courses”).

Anyway, here are the strangely polar results from two providers with a similar product & cost:

– Melbourne Mob – Hi! How are you? GREAT Day Huh? It amazing what you can offer. Think of the Passive Income. You can go on holidays and still make income WITH THE POWER OF LEVERAGE. Thank you soo much for your time and have a FANTASTIC afternoon.

– Queensland Mob – Hi There. Good to meet you. Yes, we teach coaching and help you get started. Yep, it’s really hard work but you can do quite well. Yep, it’s not for everyone. Yep, the course has the following modules and our intakes are XYZ. Glad I can help. Just call me if you need any help. Bye.

The Melbourne Mob immediately put me at a state of questioning – i.e. it doesn’t mean that they are better or worse, but don’t let hype replace substance!



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