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Why on earth would I start a blog like this? Well for sometime, I have been considering starting a blog and thought – I just don’t want to tell people what I ate on the weekend or show pictures of my pets. I thought out of my life of 32 years so far, I figured that I have really been in and out of a lot of “Positive Motivation” Seminars.  Don’t get me wrong, some have been fantastic but there is this strange “Pattern” I picked up.

Let’s say you are thinking of becoming a Trader, Starting a Business, Going back to Uni and the like.  In fact, let’s run with what happened to me when I was in my 20’s considering doing a PhD.  I did really well in Analytical Chemistry and (at that time) decent PhD.  So as a young egotistical man, it only made me “Feel Good” that lectures were in competition for my attention.

Now, I remember one Lecturer (who was a great Salesman – but I don’t know about a scientist) really wanted me (i.e. he had an agenda).  One nice student, didn’t.  Here is what the Salesman/Lecturer and the Nice Student had to advise:

-Salesman/Lecturer with Nest Feathering Agenda:
“Hey Ed, you should really do a PhD. It’s great, you will be Dr. Ed. And think of all the possibilities. You can get a job anywhere with great pay”.

– Friendly & Honest Co-Student with nothing to Gain or Lose:
“Why on Earth Ed are you even here? Just tell me in Australia, who is going to hire you after this? Besides you, who cares that you are a Dr. of Science?”

Wow that was interesting, and as you can appreciate my PhD didn’t last much longer. I can tell you my friendly Indian Co-Student was completely on the Money and the Lecturer was using me as a means of strengthening their Funding & Reputation (i.e. as a Lecturer, the more PhD’s you get the more Powerful you become). This was my first experience of the “Awesome, Positive Thinking”. But strangely enough, someone had something to gain from me? Thanks to “Melody Campbell” from Flickr for the great Photo.

[Edward’s Comments Years Later on 7th January 2014: My blogging style has changed so much over the years and I can see not only my improvement, but the many cycles and changes I have gone through in my life.  I can also see how “Frustrated” and “Angry” I used to be with failure after failure.  Not only as I have made money out of it, but I am so happy I have blogged.  Commercially one great move and it has totally enriched my life.  Thank you for going back this far and reading this article!]



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