I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you. THANK YOU!

Love your work friends! An epic journey and thanks for your support.

Love your work friends! An epic journey and thanks for your support.

It’s been a record start to my 2017 and my business this Christmas was up about 40% on same time last year. I have actually been thinking that through lately, the truthful impact it has had on me and as I reflect back on the humble (and I mean extremely humble beginnings) I have had – I want to take the time and give you all a massive round of thanks.

If you know me in the ‘real world’ or have followed me for a while; you may know a bit about my backstory. The ‘very shortened’ version is that I came to Sydney a good 10 years ago to settle and I started off knowing basically nothing (be it anyone or how to catch a train anywhere).

It was a pleasant break from being quite a wanderer before that and it was where I wanted to put down my roots for good and start a new life. 10 years later, I pinch myself and wish to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU for the success I have today. I respect it, I appreciate it and I thank the lord and all for it.

Like many immigrants I ironically know today; I came here with nothing, aiming to start my life again, work hard and take advantage the opportunities that Sydney has to offer. I must say that Sydney is an amazing city and I love it for many reasons including:

– Great weather!

– Brilliant people!

– Beautiful Beaches, Forests and Scenery!

– Technology, Innovation and Networking!

– How welcoming people are!

– Etc!

There are many more reasons but these are the bulk of them. The big point I want to make it thanking you for it. If you are reading this sentence, it means you do care about what I have to say and I totally respect that.

Every like, share, person referring me, speaking kindly of me and hiring me ads up to the success I have today.You rock, love your work and appreciate it!

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor who LOVES SYDNEY 🙂