The rise of the entrepreneur and watching Maggie RISE!

Taken at Maggie's launch last night - this selfie helps mark her journey as an emerging leader. Love it!

Taken at Maggie’s launch last night – this selfie helps mark her journey as an emerging leader. Love it!

It was a good six weeks ago I was in a nice café up the top of the Heritage Queen Victoria Building in Sydney CBD. If you know where I am talking; the bottom of the QVB building is where you have the pass through traffic and as you go higher up in the complex it becomes prettier, the shops go more boutique and it becomes almost a serene place.

I was having a coffee chat with one of our Workshop Clients and I noticed there was this ‘lovely young lady’ who was eavesdropping on our conversation. The conversation wasn’t confidential or anything and I got a nice ‘vibe’ so I wasn’t too worried.

As I finished up my coffee chat, I decided to approach the ‘lovely young lady’ and nicely called out her eavesdropping. She was this dynamic, friendly and in the zone character by the name of ‘Maggie’.

We ended up having a coffee ourselves (I had a good 25 minute window) and we clicked and I learned her back story. An awesome mum, with a fine husband, kids and she had just started her new business and moved on from her job.

I was impressed! If you have been an employee your whole life, starting a business can be one of the most terrifying things you can ever do (and I have fought in real life gun battles so I know fear) and I will be the one to tell you that starting a business – is way scarier than physical combat.

We stayed in touch, caught up again a few weeks later and just last night she launched her own business in Nerium Anti-Ageing (a direct selling concept). It’s an advanced type of crème that has lots of support and you can build a business out of it.

I thought it was great, I suspect my awesome wife may like it and last night Maggie and her team made their pitch / presentation of the Nerium product itself and the business opportunity. I think she is going to command and conquer incredibly quickly with her attitude and it gets me thinking more on what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

I come from a very military / policing family and started off doing that myself. As I went from job to job, it wasn’t until my 30’s that I had the ‘strength’ to take the plunge and start my business. It terrified me to no end.

It does too many people and there are a lot of reasons for that. I think one big fear (that got me) was finding out you may not be capable of it.

OF COURSE as an entrepreneur we don’t care about fear right? We just do it. Then we pick up the pieces and the wins after wards.

I think if you aren’t in business yet and you want too; keep the fires burning and get in there. If you are in business and you go a bit stale and have to reboot yourself (I have done that twice), then you have to be an ‘entrepreneur’ again in your own business. Change everything, play an intelligent risk and then win big.

My advice and thinking? Keep pushing yourself. Intelligent risks with a decent enough win / pay off rock. Also too, keep an eye on the awesome Maggie T Phan – she is going places and I suspect we shall see much more of her in the time to come.

Love your work, thank you for the read and keep up the fine work Maggie!