Taking Negative Feedback & WINNING BIG

Gordon Ramsay - I just can't get enough!

Gordon Ramsay – I just can’t get enough!

It is 9:17PM on Tuesday night and as I work away there is the awesome TV going on in the background. It’s really hard for me to get work done, because it is the AWESOME GORDON RAMSAY in one of his Kitchen Nightmare Shows.

I am a massive Gordon Ramsay buff and I totally love his work and in this episode he is working with this restaurant in Wales. It’s a Husband and Wife Team who have lots of issues with a husband who can take great feedback and work with it.

The wife however; has massive issues with taking feedback. It’s the peak of the episode where everyone is facing off with the ‘wife’ and really pushing her hard for her own good.

Gordon speaks the direct truth and whenever she hears feedback; you get this hostile push back from her. I think they are going to win with her and I am not going to judge anyone here. That is:

– “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”

There have been times in my life where I have had trouble taking criticism and I think there are actually some good reasons for that. If you are saying being trolled online that is critique you want to really ignore.

However from the right people; it’s really important to be quiet, open your ears and take on the message. It’s certainly not easy and if you have come from a tough background, a proud person or if you have had people oppress you unfairly; it can be a massive retrain of your mind.

Talking marketing in particular on this one, you have to be ready to take bad news. If something isn’t working out it’s important to admit it so you can do something about it and fix it. As I watch this episode, the awesome wife is co-operating and Gordon has control. The husband and wife team is going to win!

My advice and thinking? Besides loving Gordon Ramsay, it’s important you take on real critique as you get it. If we get it wrong, it’s powerful to admit it so we can turn that loss into a win. If we are getting it right, it makes the feedback even more tastier, delicious and beautiful.

Thank you Gordon Ramsay and go hard friends; take the bad news and turn it into GREAT RESULTS!